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Password is considered as the most significant as well as the sensitive part of Yahoo. If you lose it, you can’t access your account so it is very important that you are consciousness regarding your password. Even after multiple security measures you are in such a situation that you forgot your password then the best way to come out of this situation is take help of Yahoo mail support team. The issue of password is not at all big because you can easily cope up with this issue by following few steps in proper manner.

Reasons for the issue of password

  • The most common is one is that you are entering wrong password.
  • Another one is that you forget the original password.
  • Due to hacking or someone has changed your password in your absence.
  • The Caps lock key may be on either in duration of password set up or when you are entering it.

There are many more reasons responsible for the problem of password. In case you face any of them, then you will need to undergo Yahoo mail password reset process. You must not worry in such a situation simply follow the steps which will help you to get back your password. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that you have a secondary email address, or a phone number linked to actual the account. This will enable you to recover the password by the steps that you receive there. If you don’t have secondary email address or phone number linked, then you have to take help of Yahoo mail support team for recovering it.

Various reasons of password problem

Entering wrong password

You may enter wrong password when you are trying to login after a long period of time and hence suffer Yahoo mail sign in problem. There are also chances that you are confused between the other passwords. For getting back the password you have to dial the number and convey the problem in detail to our executives they will definitely support you with proper solutions.

Hacked account

If somebody gets the login details of your account that means that they can easily access your account remotely. So, whenever you find anything suspicious in your account or you find anything different in it then you must understand that your account has been hacked. In that situation the main priority must be to recover the account so that the hacker doesn’t misuse the information.

Steps for recovering the password

You have to visit the page of sign in of yahoo for proceeding with the steps of Yahoo password reset process. Here are some options to recover a password. These passwords completely depend on some specific factors like location, and email address and the mobile number. Below mentioned are the steps:

  • You have to visit the login page of Yahoo. Just below the space provided for entering the email address then you have to click on reset password link.
  • Now, you find a page which states ‘Let’s get into your account’, then you need to enter your mobile number or the email address that is already linked to your account. If you don’t have such details, then take help of Yahoo customer service.
  • In the next step, you need to click on continue and enter the CAPTCHA code. You will find options where you have to click on Yes to get the account key either through mobile number or email id.
  • As per the option that you have selected you get the account key either on your email or on your phone number only when it was already linked If you find that you are having trouble in receiving it then you have to take help of Yahoo mail support.

Once you get the key you can proceed with the steps to reset the password. These steps are simple to follow but if you find that you are still struggling to get back your password then you must avail Yahoo mail support. The experts of the team will certainly help you with the steps of resetting the password and you can again access your account without any hindrance.