Why is SEO important for your business?

Before jumping onto Why SEO is important for your business, we need to have a strong foundation on what SEO is and its basic techniques.
Many of us don’t have an idea of SEO but if you believe you have strong knowledge of SEO and need to discover the benefits it can contribute to your business, scroll down to why is SEO important for your business.
Many of the businessmen think the only reason for SEO is to increase its visibility but there is much more to it that many don’t know of. In today’s world of Digital Marketing, Online purchases are most common and the Consumers who step in stores to make a purchase have said to make an online search before buying in stores.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an approach to increase traffic to your site to achieve higher rankings on search engine results. The ultimate goal is to achieve as much organic traffic (un-paid traffic) as possible, making your audience find you easily. The strategy is generating relevant content and user-friendly site-building that in return exhibits your value to the search engine and grows your sales and revenue.



Keyword optimization:

What talking about SEO, Keywords research is the most basic strategy. Keywords attribute to the terms that your target audience searches for. However, the keywords can range from a limited number to thousands and the technique lies in filtering out the high-value and effective keywords. The key idea is looking for keywords with low difficulty level and high search value.

Content Generation:

Content is a crucial part of SEO, using SEO content you can drive your audience to engage in your business. With effective and engaging content you can have return visitors and potential customers. The key idea is to generate useful, informational. Engaging and interesting content to get not only the most clicks increasing ranks in search engines but also effective leads for your business.
The strategies of making effective SEO content are knowing your audience and target accordingly. For instance, if your business relates to B2B Clients, the content you generate should be detailing while for teens it should be attractive with less of text in it. The next is to plan when and what you’ll be writing about next. The most important is analyzing which content works best for your business. Keeping insights can lead you to a better way of communicating with your target audience.

On site SEO:

Onsite SEO specify to website building, optimizing and content building on website that improves organic visibility,accessibility and applicability.

The strategies for Onsite SEO are:

Keyword Research – Analyzing the insights and using keywords that increase the percentage of potential customers the most.

Technical Auditing – Ensuring the website’s performance and designed structure, whether it can be crawled and indexed, is correctly geo-targeted, and is error free and have no technical issues.

User Experience – Ensuring relevancy of content, user friendly website design that is it is easy to use, fast and reliable.

Offsite SEO:

Offsite SEO specify to the external optimization of site that increased the site’s organic visibility. These practices are carried, away from the website itself. The strategy used isback linking. Back linking is the technique of increasing reputable links from different sites to your page that adds value to your site in search engines criteria. SinceKnown websites link to Reputable websites link to extraordinary content, hence creating noteworthy content is necessary in order to attract links. Make sure to follow Google’s guidelines before starting link building as any one of the factor against the guidelines can end in penalizing of your website.

Thekey idea is to generate genuine content regarding your business and constraining reasons for websites to link to your site.

Paid Traffic:

Native ads, Google AdWords, social media ads, PPC (pay-per-click), Google shopping ads, display ads all fall in the category of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
If you want to reach the number 1 ranking on google then it is the best practice. However, there are some tips that will make your site reach at the top and also cost you less than estimated, one of them as relevant keyword research. Choosing relevant keywords can cost you less and your site can still be prioritized on top of Google’s ads list.


SEO has taken over all old techniques like print ads and even other digital marketing trends and is said to have better ROI (Return on investment) than any other marketing practices. Studies show most leads and customers ratio come from SEO.  Majority of the Search Engine users go to top five links and with effective SEO you can bring your site to the top further explained how:

  • Traffic:

The main goal of SEO is to increase number of clicks to your site. These clicks might not be valuable and may not get you leads or potential customers but you do get popular among the competitors and rank among the list of known brands.
Majority of the mases go to the first five links on search engine and SEO helps your site to rank among the top by getting you most clicks.

  • Visibility and rankings
    Visibility refers to how easily your targeted audience can find you, that is about where your site rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The higher the rank, the better visibility and credibility. The top most sites are trusted in providing the best deal by search engine users, hence being higher in ranking increases trust and reliability to the customer. Gaining customers trust in return gets you leads or sales and more potential customers.
  • User experience
    On page SEO concerns a great deal about user experience. There are many practices that we take in consideration while optimizing on page SEO like  generating relevant content ,making website easy to use, responsive, mobile friendly, fast and reliable. Since on page SEO requires web design according to the audience, we end up delivering the best of userexperience.
  • Business value
    SEO increases your business value by gaining trust of your potential customers. The higher you rank the more authority you gain and your site seems to provide the most authentic product and reliable services to all Search engine users.

The ultimate goal of all Business men is to grow their business and the most SEO effort you put in, the easier it gets to grow your business. It all starts with more traffic to your site till your site ranks to the top rankings which gets you more clients and leads. With SEO you can have better communication with your clients, know their requirements and expand your business accordingly.If you have enough money but no time, the best option is to hire an agency providing professional SEO services in Islamabad.