What to do if your phone is broken

Is your phone screen cracked or broken ? Is the battery constantly discharging ? Is there a false contact with the power cable?

Rather than throw your phone away, it’s time to fix it .This will often be cheaper for you, especially if you plan to resell it when buying a new mobile phone at a low price .

If your phone is still under warranty , you can even get it repaired for free . Then, the informed users will be able to make certain repairs by themselves. But if you don’t want to take risks, you now have many repair shops, not to mention your telecom operator or specialized websites.

In all cases, as soon as your mobile is given to a third party for repair, remember to remove your data (photos, videos, etc.), delete the accounts and personal data. And don’t forget your memory card in it!

  • Repair instead of buying a new smartphone

If your phone is out of service, the screen no longer touchable at all, the battery is dead, or a component is defective , rather than putting it in a drawer or throwing it away, have it repaired. After making a diagnosis, preferably by professionals.

Sometimes, for a few tens of euros, your mobile can become fully functional again. This will save you from having to buy a new one and thus save several hundred euros.

The most common cell phone parts repairs are:

Diagnosis: rarely free, often within 20 €

Change the screen: count between 70 and 321 € (iPhone X!)

Battery: depending on the model, a few tens of euros

Deoxidation, charger connector: in general, between 40 and 70 €

Again, to avoid having to repair your mobile, consider investing a few euros in protection and taking care of it. You can then resell it second-hand at a more attractive price.

  • Recycling for out of service phones

Recycle rather than throw away or keep. Indeed, a 2016 parliamentary report estimated 100 million the number of cellphones kept in our drawers and unused. Only 15% of mobile phones are collected. A 2017 study commissioned by Bouygues Telecom from Kantar TNS confirms that 72% of people keep too old, broken or used mobile phones at home. If sometimes it can be used to help out in the event of a breakdown or to give to a child, often it is just for lack of civility.

If your mobile is definitely out of service or if the repair costs more than its resale value, you can then have it recycled. Many sites, stores or sometimes your operator often offer a recycling service. With the key a Mobile Certified Recycled label which guarantees quality collection and recycling. They can also sometimes be repaired and reconditioned to be sold as a refurbished phone.

  • Repair your mobile in store:

If you have finally decided to have your phone repaired, many shops and stores offer to do it. This is generally more practical, because you can, for example, leave your mobile phone for a screen repair before going shopping. An hour later, you will get it back in perfect working order.

Screen, the most fragile element Again, this usually begins with a diagnosis. If the store does not have the spare cell phone parts, it may offer to return to you looking for it a few days later. The advantage with this type of solution comes from trust with a physical presence and therefore a better guarantee on the repair.