What Are The Best Technologies To Look For While Buying a Water Purifier?

Minerals are indispensable for health, and many essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium are found in tap water. Minerals contribute to sharp teeth, bones, and healthy skin and hair. They’re also useful for the growth and development of the body.  Pure water as in rainfall lands on the soil and gets mineralized with calcium, potassium, and sodium. However, while these are excellent minerals for health, the water could also get contaminated with toxic substances. This happens due to pollution and therefore becomes inappropriate for direct consumption.

To eliminate such harmful chemicals, biodegradable waste, and bacteria, water purifiers are used. Water purifiers secure our drinking water is entirely safe; most RO water purifiers also wipe out the essential minerals from water. These minerals have molecules that are larger than water molecules. When passing through the RO membrane, they get filtered out of the water. RO purification is one of the most efficient methods of cleaning, according to researchers. RO can remove up to 99% of contaminants. Unfortunately, the minerals also get filtered out.

It is never just about drinking a glass of water. Every home should have water purifiers, especially now when the pollution is everywhere plaguing us down. But, buying any water purifier for your home isn’t the antidote to the problem. Buying the best will make a difference. And here’s how you should choose the right one for your home.

  • UF Purification

Similar technology to RO membranes, these membranes remove impurities like particular matter, pathogenic organisms, etc. the UF purifiers work automatically eliminating all germs and bacteria in impure water.

  • Reverse Osmosis

The most common and widely used technology for water purifiers these days. This membrane technology can remove up to 99% of contaminants from water, removes dissolved salts, bacteria and other impurities from water. RO water purifiers have delicate pores, which allows the water to pass through, effectively removing all the harmful chemicals and microbes.

  • UV Technology

This is also known as E-Boiling; this technology uses UV light to kill germs and bacteria. This surety of destroying harmful organisms present in water is 99.99% in this method. This light contains a small lamp that emits small waves, that kills bacteria and viruses in the water.  UV technology and RO usually mixed in purifiers for even better purification.

  • Multi-stage purifiers

These purifiers are also known as universal purifiers. These contain a combination of technologies to make sure that that the water is utterly clean. The combinations are either RO+UV filters or RO+UV+UF filters. This kind of purifier will get your drinking water completely germ-free.

Apart From The Technological Side, There Are A Few Other Things To Be Aware Of While Buying A Water Purifier.

  • Sensors

The water purifier you are going to buy must have the sensor program to it. This program senses the source of water and purifies it appropriately, also indicates the usage of life in the filter and the quality of the water stored in the main tank.

  • Alerts

This smart system in purifiers indicates the user with signals for a multitude of things, for example, TDS sensor fault(Total Dissolved Solids), filter change, UV sensor problem, UV lamp fault. This program is a brilliant program to have in your purifier, and Aquafresh gives you all these features in all their water filters. For the people already using Aquafresh Ro water purifiers can ask for updated features or any other inquiries related to your product. From Aquaguard service centre they would solve any problem as they have good service speed.

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However, No matter what technology used, the goal is to consume completely safe, pure, healthy, fresh, and germ-free water,  as it is a significant part of our life. By investing in a good water purifier that purifies the water and preserves minerals, you help ensure the good health of your family. So, before choosing to do your research because it is instead a necessity than a luxury. Yours and your family’s health is way more important than having any superior product in the house, which is of no use. Here I mentioned Aquafresh because they provide you with the best qualities for your water purifier, but think through and drink pure and healthy water.