Ways to Get Rid of Flies At Home


Houseflies are always everywhere and they can be so stubborn, and they can also keep one uncomfortable. Most people have given up on hopes of ever living free of houseflies as they believe it is very normal to have them around. Aside from being so irritating, houseflies are disease vectors. It is not good for your health to ignore a disease vector such as a housefly. You run the risk of becoming sick and it is in the interest of your environment and your health to keep them out. There are ways, tricks if you may that can get rid of flies. These are simple practices that you can do by yourself to achieve a fly-free home that will keep you happy and healthy.

 You should consider some of the following ways to get rid of flies. They are not difficult methods and they are the answer to your prayer of a home free of flies.


  1. Remove food sources: 


Flies are mostly attracted to certain things. The key is to see your home from flies’ eyes. When you do not wash the dishes and clean up the sink then you are inviting flies to a feast.  One of the ways to keep them out is to always do the dishes and make sure there is no leftover food or dirty plate they want to perch on. This also means that you will need to close the trash cans and the bins that are around your home. The pet’s food bowl is another thing that should be kept tidy at all times. If you make this a daily routine there is a very little chance that you will have flies in your home. Do not forget to take the trash out too.


  1. Light traps:

 Light traps are the execution chambers for flies. The lightbox is mounted within five or more feet of the floor and away from entrances into your home so that it does not invite more flies. The idea behind the lightbox is to attract the flies with light at the back of the lightbox. The flies never get out as they are killed with an electric zap or they just get stuck and remain there till they die. The lightbox is a very effective weapon in your warfare against flies but it should be kept out of reach of children for their own safety. You should also clean it out at least once every week to remove the dead flies.


  1. Clean up your pets and clean up after them:


Dirty pets are another attraction for flies. Flies make a home around pets that are not tidy, they also breed on them. Flies have the ability to lay up to 150 eggs at once and they lay these eggs especially on the feces of your pets and these eggs can hatch within one day so one fly can breed an army of flies within a day if you do not clean up your pets. Pets can also mess up their food bowls and flies will be at the ready to be all over it so you need to clean it up to. Cover all wounds on your pets, check them regularly to make sure that they do not have wounds that will attract flies and if they do then it is best you get it covered. Improve the sanitary conditions of the pets by cleaning their cages and kennels or whatever pet home you use. 


  1. Use plastic water bags:

One of the most clever ways to get rid of flies is to keep a bag full of water outside your doors and windows. A fly has a lot of lenses, way too many of them so it definitely magnifies an object and they can detect patterns of light and certain movements and this bag of water since it outdoors reflects light everywhere which scares the flies away. Flies are not the tough guys you think they are and can scare easily even if it is a reflection. All you need to do is find a zip lock bag, a large one and you can fill it up to two-thirds of its size and fasten it tightly to the doors or windows and make sure it does not slip off. This trick will keep the flies away and keep your home clean.


  1. Make use of camphor:

Flies are very sensitive to a lot of things. They have very heightened senses. They taste with their tiny legs and have an aversion to a lot of things, they have magnified eyesight and can also perceive strong scents which they do not like. Camphor has its unique smell which of course the flies do not like. The smell of camphor is too strong and this smell keeps a lot of insects including flies away. Go to the store and buy camphor and you can place them in corners of your house, behind the doors and under windows so that the flies can perceive the smell and keep away. Camphor has other properties aside from its smell that makes it good for use in your home. Camphor contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that improve the sanitary condition of your home. The flies will not be having their regular field days in your home when they perceive the strong aroma of camphor.