Top 5 Types of Lavender Growing Around The Globe

A flower is a beautiful thing on this earth, which is gifted by god. The elegant beauty and enticing scents of flowers make the aura beautiful and happy. Every single flower in this globe
has its beauty and fragrance. There are a variety of flowers available in different shapes, shades, and sizes, and each shade has its significance. Due to its versatility, they come in
beautiful flower arrangements like a bouquet, bunch, box, vase, hanging baskets, etc. These beauties are also popular because they can be given as a gift to your loved ones on any occasion. Amongst this plethora of variety, there is one famous species called lavender. These blooms have fragrant leaves, attractive petals, and are generally planted in the gardens. They are mostly cultivated for their essential oils, which are used to produce scents in different products. Lavender also comes in various shades, each of them with different meanings. These flowers represent purity, silence, grace, and calmness. Purple color has great significance, which speaks of elegance, refinement, luxury, and royalty. Giving or receiving the Lavender flowers embodies the love and appreciation. So, if you want to know about these wonderful lavender flowers, then this article may help you because here we have listed some gorgeous lavender flowers which are found around the globe. You can also send flowers to your closed one’s house using the online flower delivery In gurgaon services of various flower portals.

Types of lavender flowers growing around the globe are:


Ballerina is a Spanish lavender that has very distinct bulbs and blooms. It consists of bright purple petals topped with white flowers that fade to pink and purple when the plant matures. It is a highly aromatic flower and required the full sun, low water, sandy soil, etc. These beauties bloom in the mild summers and winters. The beauty and sweet scents of these flowers attract bees and butterflies. So, send flower bouquet of a ballerina to your dear one’s house and makes them feel extraordinary.


Anouk is a type of lavender flowers that has deep plum heads topped with violet-blue bracts. This color turns to light pink on maturity and lasts for a long time. Anouk flowers can withstand hot summers than other types. It requires full sun, low water, and drought-resistant soil. If you want to thrill your loved ones with a bouquet of Anouk flowers, then order And send flowers to Mumbai using the online services of flower portals.


Hidcote is one of the most popular types of lavender has dark purple blooms and contrasting blue-green foliage. It is a winner of several international awards and perfect for borders, edging, and low hedges. After drying, these flowers are best for crafts and decorations. These flowers bloom in the late spring or early summer, depending on the climate. They require full sun, low water, and sandy soil for their healthy growth. Surprise your loved ones with these flowers and give them the sweet memories of the life that they can cherish for the rest of their life.


It is a tall variety of lavender, which is much stronger than other types. These blooms have very dark and purple petals with narrow fragrant leaves. These flowers have a quality that they retain their color and scent on drying also. They are an excellent choice for potpourri and beautiful sachets. It can withstand cold temperatures and can last for years if pruned. These blooms are perfect for mass planting and rock gardens. It is very commonly used to extract lavender oil.

Impress Purple

This type of lavender flowers is popularly used in bouquets, bunches, and as cut flowers for vases. Impress purple lavender is the richest purple flowers of all lavenders. It consists of
strongly scented petals of dark purple and beautiful green foliage. For enhancing its blooming, remove the faded flowers. These flowers required the full sun, low water, sandy soil, and
blooms from mid to late summer. Many florist shops offer you a unique variety of flowers in different flower arrangements. You can choose from there and give them as a gift to your closed ones.

Above mentioned flowers are the popular types of lavender. This flower not only looks stunning, but it also has a few benefits such as improving sleep, boosting mental health, and relieving pain.