The Truth About RO Water Purifiers

The most significant advantage of the RO water purifier is that you can become 100% confident and sure that you are drinking pure water. It is not only the germs like bacteria or viruses that are present in water. More dangerous than these germs, there are poisonous chemicals like Arsenic in water that can damage your liver, kidney, and other essential parts of the body. What happens is that arsenic and other heavy metals present in water. Acts like a slow poison that causes deformities, stunted growth, and early death of a person as by the time you detect it becomes too late for the treatment. The best way to protect you from this dangerous heavy metal is to take Kent RO service and by drinking water from the RO water purifier.

How Much Safe It Is To Drink The RO Water?

A lot of people think that RO water is not so good for health. since the RO water purifier use to remove all the essential minerals along with the heavy metals and poisonous chemicals. Even if it is true, it is still better than to drink the toxic chemicals and get poisoned with that. Moreover, it is not only the water from which you get the minerals. The significant amount of such metals is received from the food that we eat. So, instead of just relying on the water, it will be better to take a balanced diet so that your body gets the required minerals.

Another major problem that people mostly face is that the RO water purifier wastes a tremendous amount of water. It is observed that the RO water purifier spends the same amount of water that it can produce. For example, if you give 2 liters of water to purify, then it will purify 1 liter of water and will waste 1 liter of water in which all the impurities get concentrated. It is, of course, a problem but you can collect that impure water for other purposes such as watering the plant, washing the dishes and clothes, bathing, etc.

Some people also think that since after RO filtration removes the alkaline mineral atoms from the various salt molecule, the water becomes acidic after purification. That means when the Calcium atom is removed from the fragment of Calcium Bicarbonate; only the Carbon dioxide remains in the water, which becomes as acidic as soda water. That means the water becomes the same as carbonated drinks such as Pepsi, coco-cola, soda water, etc. Some people think that carbonated beverages are good for health, but it is not so. What happens is that the carbonated water strip away calcium and other essential minerals from the water. But nowadays you will get RO water purifier in the market that comes up with a particular cartridge that contains purified alkali chemicals such as calcium carbonate. In this kind of water purifier, the purified water needs to flow through this specific cartridge before being delivered to the RO water purifier tank where the purified water gets stored. That means when the acidic water flows over the round, the purified alkali chemicals will neutralize the acid water. Hence this process restores the essential compounds in the purified water of RO water purifier. This process also enhances the taste of the RO water.

Some people also claimed that RO water is precisely like distilled water, and such water does not have any dissolved salts. Hence, nowadays in almost all RO water purifiers, there is a cartridge which is usually called ‘Remineraliser Cartridge’ which is generally filled with purified alkali essential mineral salts that have calcium and magnesium. The RO water is allowed to pass through this Remineraliser Cartridge. And hence the RO water purifier can easily dissolve some of the essential salts and minerals; however, if you do not have to remineralize cartridge in your water purifier. There is another secure method to add necessary mineral salt to the purified water. All that you need to do is to allow some of the RO reject water to pass through the ultrafiltration cartridge of the RO water purifier. Then that RO rejects, water will blend with pure RO water through the blending valve. However, you should not use this process if you know that your area has too much-contaminated water.

However, the RO water purifier has some maintenance costs. Which involves changing all kinds of cartridge that is present in the RO water purifier, post-carbon filter, and remineralize cartridge. It is always advisable to change the round at least once a year. But the best thing is that some RO water purifier manufacturer offers an annual service contract at the time of purchasing the water purifier for its maintenance. You should contact the RO Service center for getting more details about it. The best way to buy RO water purifier is to look almost all models present in the market and then analyze which will suit you the best. However, some numerous leading brands and retailers sell RO water purifier. and if you research thoroughly in the market, you will be able to purchase the best water purifier with a discounted price and complete specifications.