The Kheerganga Trek :: A Beautiful Journey

Trekking in Kheerganga is finished with snow capped trees, and slicing through them are threatening path and courses that really parade a mountain’s actual appeal.

Boundless excellence and snow-topped pinnacles continue elevating your spirit when the body is as yet attempting to climb. Something comparative is the narrative of trekking in Kasol.

Brightened with overwhelming treks, Kheerganga trek from Kasol is a globe-trotter’s fantasy run. The voyage from Kasol to tosh will be a critical one.

Kheerganga’s climate is something that will sooth just not your brain, however your spirit as well.


Don’t you need to have this one of a kind encounter?


Round the year, you can take yourself to one of the most alleviating Kheerganga trekking courses where you are anticipated by the rambling campgrounds, experiences, and a great deal of open air exercises.

Not simply trekking, here you can really participate in various exercises at this experience capital of India, such as biking excursions, paragliding, and jeep safari.

Sitting at an elevation of around 3,000 meters, these Kheerganga treks test you on different levels.

Kasol and KheerGanga trek is one thing that you should add to your daily agenda this season. The picturesque excellence of Kasol and the excellent stream of the Ganga waterway in kheer Ganga is something to pay special mind to.

Kasol is known for places that you would need to catch with your camera and are incredibly wonderful to take a gander at. While, KheerGanga, is well known for the precious stone white Ganga stream streaming in the valley. The name Kheer Ganga is gotten from a similar significance the Ganga looks as white as Kheer, which is an Indian sweet dish and is white in shading.

The best time to visit: Kasol is from October to June, during this period the climate in Kasol and Kheerganga is decent and one can take full understanding of Kasol and Kheerganga with no issue.

While the spot is loaded with grand spots, There are a few spots to visit in Kasol and KheerGanga which one should look at. The Parvati Valley underground aquifer and Kheerganga Waterfall alongside Chalal trek trail and Nature Park in Kasol can not be missed.

Outing Plan:


The exciting Kheerganga trek starts from the little town of Barsheni, arranged on the banks of the tranquil Parvati River. Barshaini, the purpose of conversion of the Parvati and Tosh Rivers, to begin climbing. Report at base camp before 10 AM to begin the trek.

While walking around the great scene of Himachal Pradesh, you will be blessed to receive magnificent sights of nature. On the path, pass a couple of wooden scaffolds and some tricky segments. During this piece of the Kheerganga trek from Kasol, your eyes likewise devour numerous pleasant cascades; make sure to take photos of each and every one of these.

Afterward, land at Rudra Nag, and take a little end to respect the excellence of the landform. The snake formed cascade has gotten one of the greatest vacation destinations in the Parvati Valley and a mainstream stop for trekkers.


Medium-term Stay at outdoors close to Temple




Early morning at 7 am, start trek for Kheerganga. It will take 2 hours to reach Kheerganga – After arriving at the green glade of Kheerganga, take a reviving plunge in the underground aquifers to wash off the exhaustion of the adventure. The cool climate and vistas of the compelling pinnacles of the Himalayas, and the restorative water of the natural aquifers is a one of a kind blend; an encounter you will recall for an incredible remainder.


Later,prepare for the voyage back to Kasol through a similar course you took to reach Kheerganga. Take advantage of this lucky break to click photos of the Himalayan scene by and by. The completely flawless cascades on the way treat your eyes, and soon you land in Barshiani. From here, head back to the humming slope station of Kasol, where this exciting experience of trekking from Kasol to Kheerganga closes, leaving you with ceaseless recollections.



  • Transport – Ex Delhi
  • Nourishment/Snacks – Barsheni to Barsheni (Vegetarian)
  • Prepared Guides
  • Outdoors Equipment
  • Medical aid
  • Woods grants



Any expenses emerging out of unexpected conditions like avalanches, barriers, terrible climate, and so forth.



  • Liquor, soda pops, drinks, and so on.
  • Individual costs like tips, phone calls, clothing, and so forth.
  • Any charges for camcorders, still cameras, and so forth.
  • Watchman/donkey charges to convey your own pack
  • Any supper/administration not referenced previously