Power Generators Buying Guide

A power generator is always one of the reliable sources of power backup at the time of power outage. Here we share key features of a power generator, you need to consider before buying one.

It is very convenient to have a power generator. With the help of this, you can use your necessary power tools in your home in the event of a blackout. Depending on the type of generator and your needs, a backup power generator can power parts of your home, such as your refrigerator or sump pump, or your entire home.

In today’s time, having a generator has become a common practice. All feel incomplete at the time of power out without a generator.

Some Important Things you Have to Know Before Buying Power Generators-

●    Noise

The high noise of power generators is always a big challenge. So you need to choose a generator which can reduce the noise level. Always cover your generator with generator canopy.

●    Handling & power management

The handling of any generator is one of the most important things. A power generator which can transfer power when grid power fails and shut down the Genset at the time grid supply is on, is the best in operation. Also, you need to check a few other information like display warning of low fuel & other performance issues are present or not.

Also, you need to optimize the fuel consumption and performance of power generators at the time of different load demands.

●    Power

Before buying a power generator, you need to calculate total power demand by your home or business. According to your power requirement, you can choose the best power engine generator.

EO Energy has a huge range of power backup between 3 kV to 2500 kV. We also help you to find out your home or business power requirement & provide you the best one according to your uses.

●    Fuel efficiency of power generator

Because of its pocket-friendly nature, Fuel-efficient power generators are more popular as compared to other generators. In the market power generator available in a different range of highly fuel-efficient. You can easily find out the fuel efficiency of a Genset by calculating the performance in per kV or per hour.

●    Genset portability

Always choose a generator that is easy to lift and reduce the hassle of transportation. Also, you need to check the size of the generator according to the space you have.

EO Energy provides a set of wheels with a power backup, which helps you in the transportation of the Genset.

●    Phase

A Power generator manufacture in both single and three-phase connections. You need to choose as per your home or business connection and fulfill your needs.

Why We Choose Power Generators?

  • Compact structure
  • A Strong acoustic enclosure as per requirement
  • Delivery on time
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Fuel efficiency & durability
  • Reliable running
  • Availability with all famous brands


Features of Power Generator

➔    Technology

  • We use heavy-duty engine & world-class alternator in power generator
  • Our power generator defining quantum engine technology with a fully integrated system
  • Authenticate electronic engine
  • We use advanced cylinder technology to meet the latest emission norms
  • Compact in size
  • Able to serve heavy duty

➔    Environmental friendly

  • The power generator engine is designed to meet fulfill MoEF norms, thus we are providing eco-friendly power Genset.
  • Our diesel power generator is available with low noise pollution.

➔    Low operating cost with complete warranty

  • All products are highly reliable & durable
  • All power generators designed to work in high efficiency even at part loads.
  • We are offering the advantage of lowest operating cost
  • Complete warranty on the entire package

➔    Power assurance

  • All major components like – control system, engine, generator canopy, and alternator are designed & manufactured under the observation of highly qualified engineers.
  • Best in customer support & satisfaction
  • Provide the services 24*7
  • Assurance for single-source power assurance


Apart from this, EO Energy will help you to find out the right size power generator for your home or industrial uses. You can choose a power backup according to different fuel types or different kVa Rating.

For more information related to the top best portable generator, you can contact us and our team will help you instantly.