How to Make Home Decoration Items at Home

If you happen to be a fan of handmade home décor, and always prefer to buy such products that stand out, you have come to the right place.

It can, without a shadow of a doubt, be endlessly tiring to find a handicraft item that will perfectly encapsulate all that you desire from it. One has to go to the ends of the Earth to find their preferred product, in terms of handmade craft, due to their rarity nowadays. The handmade factor has been completely replaced by mechanized systems, producing tons of the same products, more or less, every single day. These similar-looking products are only if anything, a fuel to search for better handmade items for you, surely.

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The Importance of a Handmade Item, Crafted at Home


The rarity of these handicraft items makes them hard to covet. More often than not, so do their prices. It is a moment of pure bliss to find an item marking all of the pros, and this unavailability is surely the reason why most of you are held back from attaining the items you want to decorate your house with, in order to give it a feeling of wholesome warmth and comfort like never before. So what’s the solution?

You can easily create replicas of handmade décor at home while maintaining your budget and time. An item, Limoges boxes, is one of the most sought for handmade items in the world; it is not only beautiful but steeped in history, dating way back to the 18th century. You may think that it is next to impossible to replicate these delicate porcelain boxes at home, but that is where you are mistaken; it is actually incredibly easy.

How to Create a Perfect Limoges Box


To make porcelain at home, you must first ensure that you have an electric kiln. This is used at the number cone 6. For the composition, you need to have a clay body. This is a mixture of various materials other than clay, such as flint. You can either buy this clay body from a store or make it on your own following online advice; Linda Arbuckle’s, for one! These items are mixed with water and afterward, one has to drain this slurry after allowing it to be wet enough. You must give it a couple of weeks to rest. Lastly, you will have to homogenize the clay, perhaps with the use of a pugmill, in order to save yourself the time and effort.

After these steps, the super fun part starts! Much like normal clay, you must shape your porcelain clay into the shape you prefer your Limoges box to have and allow it to set. This may require the use of extensive online helping materials or tutorials. Once it has set, you can drive your creative juices to work and paint the box in whatever pattern or color you want- mind you, the French do it with immense delicacy, and so must you!

Complete the last step and decorate your home with a beautiful replica of a Limoges box that is perfectly suited to your needs.



We hope we have helped you in how to recreate a simple handmade item at home; you must not worry if the first attempt doesn’t go as planned and just keep trying until you master the art. We wish you all the best.