How People Around The World Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays are a great deal for everyone, as it is the most essential and significant day in their life. To a few people, a birthday is about becoming older, while for others, it’s an occasion worth celebrating. No matter what people think, it is the day when people get constant attention from one and all. But did you know that birthdays are not celebrated in the usual way everywhere? Some countries have various customs and traditions around birthdays. Let us have a look at a few of them:

  1. Vietnam – This country is famous for being among the most visited countries by people and Hanoi being a paradise for shoppers. But do you know that this country has a unique birthday tradition? Everybody in Vietnam commemorates their birthday on Tet, or New Year’s Day despite their original birth date. They share their birthday with everybody in the country and celebrate with everyone. Children get special treatment as they receive money in a red envelope from their parents, known as Lucky Money(li xi). Similar to India where they also get online cake delivery in Hyderabad or any other city, for example.

  1. Mexico – Mexican birthday parties are famous for being grand and full of fun. The parties are known as fiesta and are celebrated with tacos, the traditional food item. One of the most intriguing traditions observed in Mexican fiestas is striking the piñata, a paper mache object stuffed with candy. So, a Mexican fiesta possesses everything from traditional food like tacos, piñata, and a birthday cake. People in Mexico love grand celebrations and commemorate their 15th birthday with all the colorful spirit, known as Quinceanera. This event is celebrated when a girl turns 15, indicating her advancement into womanhood.

  1. Jamaica – In Jamaica, people are famous for possessing a good sense of humor, and they love having fun. The Birthday Girl or Boy is greeted by their family and friends, where they have a flour throwing session on them. The intriguing part is when the birthday girl or boy is drenched in water, so it gets tough to get rid off the flour. Unlike the usual tradition where people order cake online in Mumbai or any other city in India and fill the face of the birthday boy or girl with the cake

  1. Brazil – Birthdays in Brazil are an indulgent affair! When it’s someone’s birthday, their family embellishes the house with colorful papers, flowers, and banners. There is a whole table devoted to sweets. The center of the table houses is a delicious and luscious cake, surrounded by various types of desserts you can think about. Another custom is sharing the first piece of the cake with the most significant person in the life of the birthday boy, girl, or person.

  1. Germany – In Germany, when single men turn 30, they are accustomed to go to the front steps of the Church or Town Hall and sweep them. Friends rubble the steps while the birthday boy sweeps them. Indeed, that sounds rough! But kids, on the other hand, celebrate their birthdays with candles and cake, and on their birthdays they are not expected to do any homework. Certainly a relief!

  1. Norway – If your birthday falls on the regular school day, then the entire class will commemorate your birthday by singing the delightful Norwegian’s Birthday song and dance along. In Norway, it is a custom to eat chocolate cake on birthdays, and you get the opportunity to plan your birthday despite your age.

  1. Australia – As the Australian weather is usually warm, the majority of the birthday celebrations are barbeque parties. The parties are embellished with balloons and streamers. Although the birthday celebrations have a cake, they also contain a unique dish known as fairy bread, which can’t be skipped.

Birthdays across the globe are celebrated in distinct ways, but it doesn’t matter where it is, as cakes remain a significant part of every birthday. So, if your birthday is coming up, go and get or make yourself delicious cakes in Hyderabad.