Cell phone & computer monitoring review

The world has been changed over the last two decades. It will keep on changing at an exponential rate. Now people have started asking questions about that in which direction we are going.  The invention of cell phones gadgets and computer machines have played a dramatic role to change the living standards of the human being. However, “radiations that emit from the cell phones and computers machines will be harmful to human mind at the end of the day” according to the scientific community of the world. People are using the cell phones running with the OS such as Android, IOS and blackberries no time ever before. However same is the case with the windows and MAC computer machines. The excessive uses of these devices and gadgets have force people to spy on these devices in order to know the activities of the target person for different reasons. How you can spy on cell phones and computer laptops and desktops with cell phone spy app.

Use Cellphone & Computer spying software


You can use the phone and computer laptop tracking app and can monitor complete activities the target user has done with time stamp.  It enables a user to do surveillance on the activities of phone and as well on the desktop computer device whether of windows or MAC OS. Tracking app for cellphones and computer machines has very easy installation process and user-friendly interface. Its customer care team completely guide you about the usage of the app and as well as about the answers of your queries. When it comes to price, it is best among all that provide you both cell phones and computers monitoring features within a reasonable amount.

Cell phone tracking software Features


TOS spy 360

You can record and listen to the conversations occurs on the target phone with the help of TOS spy 360 live surround sounds. It will allow you to do view live visuals of the surrounds of the phone through spy 360 live cameras streaming by hacking the camera of the smartphone. Further, you can share the entire screen of the target phone in the web portal of the phone by using the live screen sharing of spy 360.

Track GPS location

Track the exact and current location of your target smartphone along with the complete location history and weekly location history by using the GPS location tracker. It is further effective for the marking safe and dangerous areas on the map.

IM’s Social Media

You can track IM’s logs, chat conversations, messages; shared media files i.e photos, videos and VOICE messages. You can get all of this information by using the GPS location tracker of mobile phone monitoring app.

Call spy app

Record and listen to the calls remotely by using the hidden call recorder of the spy recording devices for cell phones.

Live screen recording

It empowers the user to perform live screen recording of the all the trendy IM’s such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Snapchat, WhatsApp and others. You can further trace out the password, chrome screen recording, YouTube screen recording and last but not the least SMS screen recording with live screen recording tool of the spy app for cell phones.

Computer spying software (windows + MAC)


Block websites

You can block all the websites that you don’t want to allow your target user for some odd reasons. The only thing you need to do is put all the URLs of the websites into the filters and the target user will not be able to get access to the block websites on MAC device

Screen recording

You can do screen recording of the target MAC computer screen by making back to back short videos to get to know what your target person is up to on the device. You can do this by using the camera of MAC laptop machine.


Get screenshots remotely of your target machine screen to view the current activities.

For Windows only


Website blocking

Put URLs to the filters all the inappropriate websites into the filters of the windows spy app.

User-friendly reports

Get time-to-time user-friendly reports of all the activities to happen on the Windows desktop.

Real-time monitoring

It will provide you information about all the activities happen on the windows computer machine in real-time.