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How to Get Money Back on Cash App if Scammed


Suppose you purchased something from iTunes, the iOS App Store, or the Mac App Store and it was not exactly what you were looking for then in that case you can get a full refund from Cash app you just have to know how to ask for the refund. Irrespective of the reason if you bought an app, album, song, TV show, and it’s within 90 days of the purchase date, you have a chance to getting cash app money back. The support team will also help you as long as it’s justified, anything older than 14 days will probably require some really impressive convincing skills.

Methods of cash app money back

  • Get it back using the receipt email: You can find the receipt that you received from the cash App upon payment. Sometimes it takes a day for a receipt to be emailed, so if you’re in a hurry, move down to one of the other two methods below. Though if you have the receipt then in that you can find the item or items that you have purchased or downloaded for free. Under each item there will be a link that is “Report a Problem” link; tap or click on that and enter all your details to proceed.
  • Use the Report a problem Webpage: This cash app money back policy is applicable only in case you don’t have the receipt then you can visit the cash app’s Report a Problem page online in any web browser then login with your credentials, select the thing you wish to return from the tabs. It may take a few minutes for a new purchase to appear if you had just bought it so wait for a few minutes. If it’s an older purchase, this page only lists your last 90 days downloads so can’t claim a refund through this. If you can’t understand these steps then contact Cash app support team for proper guidance in the steps.
  • From the app: This method is applicable only from your computer, not the app for iOS. You have to open up the app, then click on your profile name and select “Account Info” from the drop-down menu. You will have to enter your ID and password before going any further.
  • With the help of cash App customer service team: You also have the option to contact the customer service team via email for a refund. You can select any of the choices, depending on what the purchase actually was then select the most applicable option for getting the Cash app money back. They will guide you through the applicable steps. You have to choose one of the options listed and then select “Email” to start an email request for cash back. You are able to choose from chat or phone support as well, depending on the urgency.

Thus, with the help of the customer service team or any of the above-discussed methods, you are able to apply for cash App money back and thus you are able to get refund easily.

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