Avast Behavior Shield

Before we get on with the aswidsagenta.exe, it’s important to know what the avast behavior shield is. This shield is an addition to the active safety that is attached with Avast antivirus. The shield tracks down all major processes that are conducted in the user’s computer and also helps in running a search of all the user activity and suspicious moves.

These suspicious activities may be significant for identifying the presence of any Mali encryption. The behavior shield comes in handy in such cases as it helps in detecting and blocking off any dangerous documents.

It’s necessary to block out such documents since they can bear similarity to other prominent threats. Joining such documents to the database of virus detection may be useless.

The behavior shield is configured in such a way that it offers optimal safety whenever it’s turned on. Thus, users should keep this turned on at all times. Read for avast behavior shield disable

Operations if Avast Behaviour Sheild:

Theavast behavior shield monitors every small to large process taking place in the device. It is of great help while searching for any suspicious movement that could be the preface of malicious encryption.

The shield can be enabled by default. While using the behavior shield, the users will have to make use of the tabs positioned on the left side of the screen. However, if a user is not keen on keeping the shield activated, they can disable it. However, disabling the behavior shield is a tricky task, and one might need help to get it done.

Disable Avast Behavior Shield:

To Avast behavior shield disable, the following steps should be followed.

Step 1:

Begin the process by launching the Avast interface.

Step 2:

Find your way to the settings of the antivirus and then move onto the ‘Component’ section

Step 3:

Double-tap on the behavior shield and then tap on the green button to choose the “Stop permanently” option.

Step 4:

Do not get anxious if a warning menu pops up on the screen. This is the part if the process. Once this pop up comes, click Ok

With these steps, it will be easy for you to disable the shield.

Primary Settings of The Sheild:


The screen that is part of the main setting helps users to take whatever action they find fit. Generally, these actions include the following:

Automatic transfer of the detected threats to the Virus Chest:

Here one can find all the threats and the probable threats that have been identified. The best part is that the shield is so designed to send the threats in the virus chest automatically.

Automatic Transfer of The Threats To The Chest:

First and foremost, these threats are enabled by default. The threats that find their way in this category are generally known threats. Furthermore, this given setting is only applicable to documents that have proof of being dangerous and are a part of the virus definitions database.

The Always Ask Option:

In the always ask option, notifications are sent out whenever any threat is detected. Following this, options are provided for the next steps that users can take. Users have the liberty to transfer the corruption files to the virus chest or ignore the threat detection. They can also remove the entire file permanently if they deem that fit.

Exclusions Present In The BehaviourSheild:

In many cases, users can select some specific folders and stop them from being scanned by the behavior shield.

  • To exclude the folder, users can carry out the following process:

  • Input the location of the folder in the text bar. They can also choose to use the browse button.

  • Tap on the folder that needs to be excluded from the scanning process and then select okay.

  • Users can also select the Add button if they need to add another location to the current list.

  • To clear out a selected location, users can click on the row and then opt for the delete button.

So keep your system safe and hearty with Avast.